Advantages of waste materials in building construction

The only advantageous Waste Materials that are being used on large scale are different type of Furnace Slags, Fly Ash, Silica Fumes, etc. in different forms.

  1. Use of fly ash, GGBS, silica fumes, micro-silica as replacement for cement can help inreducing cost of the concrete.
  2. The finer varieties helps in densifying and increasing the strength of the concrete.
  3. They improves durability of concrete and makes concrete less porous.

There are not many advantages if you consider domestic waste.

If you find cost-to-benefit ratio it points towards uneconomical methods of collection-treatment of waste and uncertainity in behaviour of the waste in different situations.

Studies are going on regarding chemical resistance, emission of harmful gases and fire resistance of waste materials that are being considered for construction purposes. But the majority of the candidates (Rubber, Plastic, Electronic Waste, etc.) are failing, since they are not manufatured to be confined in small and critical places such as in infrastructures.

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