Approximate Estimation

Approximate Estimation

Approximate estimation (fast estimation):

The approximate estimation is prepared before laying the final designs & specification and general specification of the project.

The purpose of approximate estimation is:

  1. Determine the cost of the structure quickly.
  2. Make a comparison between several alternatives.
  3. Checking the final cost of the structure which determined by detailed estimation.

Method of used for approximate estimation:

  1. Floor – Area method. (Price of one square meter of building).

Use to determine the cost of the following building:

(Offices, Schools, Houses, Apartments, Hospitals …..Etc.) .

It is the best method for determining the cost of the new building , depending on the results getting from old buildings ( buildingsbuiltbefore ).

For the multi-story building there are two assumptions :

  1. The cost of all floors with in basement and roof are in equal costs for one meter square.
  2. The cost of the basement is (60%) and roof is (40%) of the other floors.


  1. Cubic method , (volumetric method )

This method is more accurate than the floor-area method.

For multi-story buildings apply the following assumptions:

  1. All floors are in equal costs for one cubic meter.
  2. The cost of the basement is (60%) of the cost of the other floors.

The volume of the floor is calculated as: Volume=Area ×Height of one floor

The height of one floor is determined as follows:

  1. Ground floor: the height is from top of the footing to half of the parapet.
  2. First floor: the height is from top of ground roof to half of the parapet.
  3. For other floors: the height is from floor to floor.