Basic Concepts Civil Engineer Should Know

Basic Concepts Civil Engineer Should Know

Here some important basic Civil Engineer concepts to know following given below:

Make safety a first priority : Wear safety helmets and safety shoes on construction site. Cause your life matters.

Learn to measure any structural member accurately : Carry a measuring tape of 3m or 5m with you it’s available in any hardware store. Measurement is an important parameter in various aspects, this should be kept in mind.

Useful conversation is a prime key to connect : Construction site is filled with people having different level of communication, from a labor to project manager. Learn to convince people.

Stay focused : Little carelessness can cause you bad reputation while working anywhere. Always be aware of your work. No day dreaming.

Learning engineering drawing : Civil engineering students must have good sense of imagination. It may seem complex but with practice anyone can do wonders.

Calculations : Microsoft excel , calculation of Bar bending schedule , costing estimation are later aspects to be learned but very important throughout engineering career.

Learn conversion of units : On construction site while reading engineering plans , centre line plan , floor plan etc everything is read in millimetre. While ordering materials sometimes we come across feets, inches, meters . So it is very important to know the conversion at the tip of your tongue.