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Bore well Drilling Process and Methods

Bore well Drilling Process and Methods.The drilling process of a 6.5 inch borewell is defined in our draft, the process is identical for all dimensions of drilling. The drilling rig is been set precisely within the level marked by a water diviner, hydro geologist, groundwater locator or a borewell level identification knowledgeable. As soon as the drilling rig is about within the level the 8-inch borewell drilling bit is about with the hydraulic hammer which provides stress for the bits and is pressured into the earth floor with the ability produced from the excessive stress compressor to blast the opening from the floor of the earth till the onerous rock formation is hit.

As soon as the onerous rock formation encounters the whole set of drilling rods together with the hammer and eight-inch bit is eliminated to the floor and casing pipes made from MS iron or PVC of required grade and thickness of seven-inch (6kg) diameter is been put in into the borehole which works as a wall for the borehole avoiding the soil to fall into the properly.
After inserting the casing pipes 6.5 inch bit is been set with the hammer to drill the rock and is once more pushed into the bore gap and the rock is been drilled with a stress-based mostly on the geological formation of the realm. Usually, drilling rods of measurement 20 toes are been set for every 20 toes to drill all the best way from the floor to the required goal. When the drilling is in progress the driller or the drilling supervisor fastidiously watches the adjustments in formation for every foot. Normally the rock colouration and formation adjustments step-by-step in sure circumstances we additionally discover the identical rock all through. The supervisor retains an eye fixed if there may be some problems with silt or boulders throughout drilling, if silt or boulders happen throughout drilling particular pipes referred to as slotted or screener pipes have to be put in all through the borewell. As soon as the water encounters the borewell, it could be visibly working out from the drilled gap, roughly drilling supervisors can estimate the quantity of yield from the borewell.
In case the water is adequate the drilling course of could be stopped if not it may be continued till the drilling reaches the following supply. If the quantity of water is excessive within the borewell, the borewell drilling can’t be processed.

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 It is customary to construct borewells for the water needs of construction systems and houses.

 It is customary to construct borewells for the water needs of construction systems and houses.   Submersible motors called ‘submersible’ are used in many places while constructing tube wells.    When choosing such electric motors,  it is advisable to choose motor pumps where there is no possibility of water entering.  This will avoid the problems caused by the leakage of electricity.

 Withstanding heat

 Motors that can withstand excessive heat are currently available in the market.  In addition,    alarm-mounted motors are also now available which can indicate that the heat has increased.  If such electric motors are used, frequent repairs will be avoided.

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 Feel the heat

 A step further,  there are also motors available in the market that sense the heat on their own and disconnect the electrical connection.  It is also safe to fit them.

 No wastages

 There is also a technology now that the electric motor stops on its own once the water tank is full.  There are no other expenses than the initial cost incurred for this.  But,  with that cost,  wastage of water and excessive use of electricity can be avoided.Bore Well

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