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  • Field Tests for Assessing the Quality of Steel

    Field Tests for Quality of Steel in Construction

    Field Tests for Quality of Steel What to Observe in Reinforcement Steel The following physical observations may be made at site_ All the reinforcement shall be clean and free from rust; mild scales, dust, paint, oil, grease, adhering earth or…

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  • Types of Reinforced Concrete

    History of Reinforced Concrete and Types of Reinforced Concrete

    Types of Reinforced Concrete Fibers are utilized in cement to manage the cracking characteristics and reduce permeability. The surrounding concrete protects the steel used for reinforcement. Glass fiber reinforced concrete is used for architectural products and steel fibers are mostly…

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  • Top Best Alternatives to Autodesk AutoCAD

    Top Best Alternatives to Autodesk

    Top Best Alternatives to Autodesk AutoCAD Here we listed out  Top Best Alternatives to Autodesk AutoCAD detailed given below: SketchUp SketchUp is useful from the earliest stages of design to the end of construction. Programming, diagramming, design development, detailing, documentation,…

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  • Billing Engineer

    Billing Engineer Responsibilities

    Here some Responsibilities for Billing Engineer given below Preparing bill of quantities and contracting of work Preparing bills for payments and estimating quantities & order of materials for construction. Analysis of rates of Non BOQ items. Planning the work execution…

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  • Quality Control Engineer

    Quality Control Engineer Role And Responsibilities

    Quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC) engineers are responsible for ensuring the quality of products and services produced by their company. They oversee the manufacturing of products and they are involved in every stage of making a product from development and…

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  • Casting and testing of Cubes

    Important thing to remember in Casting and testing of Cubes

    Important thing to remember in Casting and testing of Cubes to be followed in construction site.For the assessment of compliance of ready-mixed concrete or site mixed concrete, the point and time of sampling shall be at discharge from the producer’s…

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  • Soil Compaction

    Advantages of Soil Compaction

    Compacted soil is more resistant to water infiltration, erosion and being carried away by the wind. By using large vibrators or heavy rollers, soil can be compacted to create an ideal construction surface. Soil Compaction : Compacting soil is a…

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