Check List for Block / Brick work

Brick wall is made by joining bricks with cement mortar. We make brick wall to arrange floor area for different purposes of uses. It also provides privacy to dwellers. Properly made brick wall increase the beauty of building and rooms. Today we are going to publish a quality checklist during making brick wall.

Below is a quality checklist for making brick wall –

Brick quality:

Of course for making quality brick wall we have to choose quality bricks.


Make sure bricks are soaked for at least 12 hours in clean water to remove salt and other chemicals from bricks.

Cement Mortar:

Make sure cement mortar is mixed properly in dry condition on a clean place.
Check mixing ratio is properly maintained.
Check clean drinking water is mixed.
Make sure the mixed mortar is used within one hour after adding water. If you want, you can maintain register for tracking mixing time and ratio.

Check wall is located as per drawing at the time of making brick layout.
Don’t make wall above 5 feet in same day.

Door and Window opening:
Check door and window location are kept as specified in the drawing.
Make sure openings are bit bigger than specified in drawing.

Brick joint:
Don’t make bricks joint bigger than half-inch.
Make sure vertical joints in alternate courses are truly vertical depending on “types of brick bond pattern”.
Check horizontal joints are truly straight.

Bricks with RCC face:
Check RCC surface is Properly chipped and applied grout on surface where brick will touch with.

Check vertical alignment of every three courses of brick wall with plumb bob.

Lintel and sunshade:
Check lintel and sunshade above opening are made as per design specification.
Check sunshade dimensions are kept as per drawing.
Make sure cat door opening is kept in wall or false ceiling as specified in the drawing.

Check brick wall is cured for at least seven days with clean drinking water.

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