Checklist for Boomi Pooja

Checklist for Boomi Pooja list of point to be checked

Check site is clean including removal of bushes, rubbish, generated from demolishing of any structures etc.,
Check invitations have been sent to all clients
Check form advertise ment if necessary
Check flexible banner installed or not
Check garland on flex
Check company banners has to be displayed
Check site direction boards fixed or not
Check panda arrangements are done with chairs and tables
check arrangements for refreshments had been made with the good caterer
Check site entry & Boundary outline marked with chalkpowder
Check arrangement of Good bricks, Pooja photo, sceets, vessels & Pooja materials with Priest
Check arrangements of project photos, Album, Brochures, Document book & Enquiry note book, ISO certificate and Quality Policy etc.,
Check light music arrangement

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