Checklist for Granite/Marble Laying Works

Checklist before,during and after granite & marble laying you must follow the steps given below:


1 Cleaning slab off loose mortar/ material, Button marking

2 Availability of Material – Sand, Tiles

3 Proper Stacking of Granite/Marble

4 Quality of Granite/Marble/ Sand


1 Drg. No./ Date as per which pattern given /Start point

2 Line/ Level fixed, checked & Slopes are as per requirement

3 Proportion of bedding mortar Mixing in A/2 tray

4 Check for grinding & polishing process

5 Clearing for joints/ workmanship / Any nosing particularly for washbasin & Kitchen counter


1 No material stacked after fixing?

2 Finished surface cleaned properly before polishing

3 Check for any hollow sound

4 Are there any Cracked, should be replaced

5 Curing for four days after Laying

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