Checklist for Masonry Excel Sheet

The bonds in brick brickwork is developed by the mortar filling between levels tiers of bricks and in grooves when bricks are laid next to the other person and in layers in walls. Mostly used materials for bonds in packet stone large rock masonry is cement mortar.

Masony Brick Work to check before and after some important points to rember listed out below:

1 Availability of material as per daily requirement & Test reports

2 Cleaning work area off loose material/ concrete

3 Proper stacking of bricks/ blocks

4 Quality of Bricks/ sand, Tests performed and OK?

5 Wetting of bricks

6 Door frames, if any, erected in position?

7 Line out rechecked? (Room dimension, diagonals, alignment with one layer of brick work, Door opening position & verticality, etc.,

8 Check Mortar Preparation & provision of platform

9 Check Mortar Thickness

10 Check Plumb

11 Check finished level / Rt. Angle/ Proportion of mix

12 Check hacking/ conduit/ silt content in sand

13 Check cleaning of dead mortar

14 Check curing / raking

15 Check provision of patti

16 Check for any addition & alterations

17 Check for proper pointing, packing & finsihing

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