Checklist for Tiling (Wall dadoing/flooring)

TILING to cover the surface from external and act as waterproof membrane.
Here some important points to follow on before,during and after tiling listed out below:

1 Check for any additions & alterations

2 Cleaning slab off loose mortar/ material

3 Check for levels, Button marking, Mortar thickness

4 Availability of Material – Sand, Tiles

5 Proper Stacking of Tiles

6 Quality of Tiles/ Sand

7 Check for any platform, B/w for wardrobe area


1 Drg. No./ Date as per which pattern given / starting point

2 Line/ Level fixed, checked & Slopes are as per requirement

3 Check difference in colour shade of tiles and replace with same batch/ lot

4 Proportion of bedding mortar Mixing in A/2 tray

5 Clearing waste tiles/ mortar

6 Clearing for joints/ workmanship

7 Check the skirting for projection, Right angle etc.,


1 No material stacked after fixing? (Crack or any damage)

2 Tile surface cleaned properly before starting first coat?

3 Check for any hollow sound

4 Are there any Cracked tiles, should be replaced

5 Check the pointing and grouting materials

6 Curing for four days after grouting I.e. first coat?

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