Civil Construction Site Engineer Daily Basis Activities

  1. Record number of labour’s come.Masons,Men worker’s and Women worker’s.
  2. Record the Contact Numbers of each worker’s coming to site.
  3. Note which time the labour’s come to site and leave the site.
  4. Always you should keep one notebook for recording this information.
  5. At end of the day,you tell to your manager everyday,how many cement bags used and how many bags left in godown.
  6. If you give small amount money to labour’s,note them immediately in notebook.
  7. Never allow any third-party person entering your site.It’s risky.
  8. Never Never Never allow drunk person’s even labour’s entering your site.
  9. Be friendly to worker’s and you can learn many things from Mason and labour’s.
  10. At end of the everyday,all construction equipments like Trowel,bond and water storage drums are keep inside the Godown.
  11. Find Construction materials supply store near your site.Get quotations to each stores.After that,Compare the rates
  12. You can save considerable amount of money for Construction materials like sand,cement and steel.
  13. Get people contacts near your site.Because any problem or help arise,they will definitely help you.

Hope this helps…