Civil Engineering Basic Knowledge

Civil Engineering Basic Knowledge

Cement’s intial setting time should be 30 min(Minimum) and 90 min(maximum).

Final setting time of cement should be=10 hours

What type of test should perform for a road’s improved subgrade sand filling:

1.FM of fine aggregates

2.California bearing ratio

3.Dynamic cone penetration test

4.MDD of fine aggregate

5.Field Dry Density.

What type of test should perform for earth filling in Embankment with specified soil:

1.Plastisity index.

What type of test should perform for Concrete Work:

1.Setting time of cement

2.Compressive strength of cement

3.Gradation of Coarse aggregates.

4.FM of fine aggregates.

5.Water absorption of coarse aggregates

6.Loss angels abrasion test

7.Concrete cylinder casting & testing

What type of test should perform for M.S High strength deform bar

1.Tensile strength,Elongation and unit wt.

What type of test should be perform for Brick work:

1.Setting time of cement

2.Compressive strength of cement

3.FM of fine aggregates

4.Compressive strength of brick

5.Water absorption of brick

6.Efflorescence of brick.

Local sand FM limit should be 0.5 to 0.8

Toak sand FM limit should be 1.2 to 1.8

Coarse sand or shylhet sand FM should be 2.5

At improved sub grade 0.5 to 0.8 FM sand should be used.

1.Ms Flat bar weight determine equation=0.00785A

2.Brick require for 1 square meter one brick flat soling=32nos.

3.Brick require for 1 squre meter one layer herring bone bond soling=52nos.

4.Cement require for 9.3 squre meter neat cement finishing=1/2bag or 25kg

5.A head mason can work 25-30 cum brick work in a day.

1.Lintel thicknessshould be 15cm.

2.Parapet wall height should be 1 meter.

3.Window height should be 120cm.

4.D.P.C thickness should be 2.5cm

5.Plinth height should be 45cm.

6.Measuremnt of riser should be 15cm.

7.Building height should be 315 cm

8.plaster thickness at ceiling should be 6mm.

Q1:1 cum cement=how much bag?

answer:30 bags.

q2:1cum khoa=how much brick?

answer=300 nos

q3:1bag cement=0.0347 cum cement.

Q1:What is the volume of per bag cement?

Answer:1.25 cubic ft

Q2:what is the weight of per bag cement?

Answer:50kg or 112pb

Q3:How much water absorb of a brick if the brick take rest for 24 hours in under neath the water?

answer:1/5 or 1/6 of the brick wt.

Q4:what is the mesurement of a brick?answer:9.5in*4.5in*2.75in(without morter)

answer:10in*5in*3in(with morter)

Q1:What is the weight of a first class brick?


q2:What is the crushing strength of a first classbrick in per square in?

answer:not less than 1000 pound.

Q3:What is the tensile strength of a first class brick in per square in?

answer:not less than 3000 pound.

Q4:Which sand is mostly used for construction in Bangladesh?

answer:Domar sand or Dimla sand.

1.Riser height of a staircase should be 15 cm

2.A building height should be 315 cm

3.Plaster thinkness at celling should be 6 mm

4.Dry volume of a cc work is 3 times greater than wet volume of a cc work.

5.1 cum water weight =1000kg

6.At DPC work how much Cem-seal or Impemo require for one bag cement?=1kg

7.At DPC work how much Padlo require for one bag cement?=2.5kg

8.At brick work the joint thickness between two bricks should be= 12 mm

9.The lapping measurement at Compreesion zone should be=24D(without hook)

10.The lapping measurement at Tensile zone should be=40D(Excluding Hook)

11.One hook length shoulb be=9D

12.For crank extra length measurement should be=0.50d

13.Stirrup length measurement Equation=2(A+B)+30 cm

14.Weight of step of a staircase=11.5r (r=rise in cm)

15.MS angle weight determine equation=0.00785A

16.MS plate weight determine equation=7.85t

17.Before use a brick for brick work how many time the brick should take rest underneath the water?=2 hours

18.How much brick require for 1 sqm brick flat soling?=32 nos

19.How much brick require for 1 sqft brick flat soling?=3 nos

20.How much sand require for 1 sqm brick flat soling?=0.02 cum

21.How much brick require for 1 sqm herring bonebond?=54 nos

22.How much brick require for 1 sqft herring bonebond?=5 nos

23.How much sand require for 1sqm herring bone bond?=0.03 cum

24.How much brick require for 1 sqm edging?=8 nos

25.Cement require for 1 sqm neat cement finishing?=3kg