Civil Engineering Questions asked in Construction Companies

Civil Engineering Questions asked in Construction Companies

Main subjects to prepare for construction company  are survey, construction management, Reinforced Cement Concrete(Must Do), concrete technology(Must Do), SOM, Building Construction.

Reinforced Cement Concrete

Read IS:456-2000 thoroughly. Mainly questions are put up from Code.

    • Difference between Working stress, Ultimate load & Limit state method?
    • Why water tanks art still designed by working stress method?
    • Difference between singly and doubly reinforced beams?
    • Difference between one way & Two way slabs?
    • Weight of Steel bar per metre length?
    • Weight of 1 cum RCC?
    • Minimum criteria of reinforcement in Columns, Slabs etc?
    • Why PCC is provided under RCC?
    • why main reinforcement is provided on top in case of Cantilever beam?
    • Difference between effective span & clear span?
    • what factors of safety is used in RCC & Steel? & Why?
    • No. of Days after which form work can be removed in beams, Columns, Slabs etc.?
    • What are functions of main and distribution reinforcement in Slab?
    • Development length, Anchorage Length & Lap length? Their functions n General formula.
    • Function of shear reinforcement. Why minimum shear reinforcement is provided for beams?
    • How much reinforcement is provided in 1 cum concrete according to thumb rule?
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Building Construction

    • Types of footings & suitability under different conditions?
    • Maximum allowance of individual & Differential settlement of footings(in diff soil conditions)?
    • Why DPC is provided?
    • Stepped footing Diagram?
    • Min thickness of load bearing wall?
    • Slump value for slabs, pavements etc?
    • types of retaining wall?
    • Type of floors?
    • Brick and stone masonry.
    • What is setback, Building line?

Concrete Technology

    • Characteristic compressive strength test?
    • Modulus of elasticity for concrete?
    • What does M-20 means? & Approximate mixture of all grades?
    • How longer is Curing required for Concrete? Why?
    • Concrete workability tests & Ranges their test results?
    • How water cement ratio effects strength?
    • Factors affecting strength of concrete?
    • Role of pozzolana materials in modern concrete technology?
    • Grouting processes and cement used?
    • Which tests can be performed to dictate strength of hardened concrete? Hint- Rebound hammer.
    • Difference between volume based and weight based concrete mixer?
    • Difference between Nominal Mix & Mix Design?


    • Effective length for column according to end conditions.(Euler Theory)
    • SFD & BMD for all beam conditions.
    • Moment of resistance, Lever arm.
    • Difference between Determinate and Indeterminate beams & Name of methods used for their analysis.
    • external & Internal Indeterminacy. Degree Of Freedom
    • What is portal frame?
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    • Types of benchmarks
    • Reduced level, levelling methods.
    • Difference between true and magnetic meridian. Local attraction.
    • Uses of theodolite.
    • How to measure true alignment of foundations, walls & beams.
    • contour definition and uses.
    • Diff between Permanent and temporary adjustments?

Construction Management

    • Cost Control& Time control
    • CPM & PERT Techniques.
    • Bar Chart.
    • Types of Contract
    • Tender form, Tender Inviting Notice, Tender process.

Technical Questions depends on what that particular company is about. Ex. If it’s bridge construction company they’ll ask you about structural part, pre stress concreting etc. Questions can be raised from your seminar, training & project topics during B.Tech/M.Tech. and Main projects going on nearby your area.

General questions are based on about yourself, about hobbies. You should be well acquainted with the place you belong from, company you worked in past n also the one you are joining.

Will update Later. Good Luck.