Comparison Between Epoxy And Cement Grouts

A comparison between epoxy and cement grouts, or which product should we use?

This question comes up time and time again. Epoxy and cement grouts each have their preferred usages in today’s industrial construction and, in some cases, overlapping as well as specific applications. These are distinctly differing systems with quite different chemistries that must be sold and serviced as their individual application dictates. In most cases, recognizing the differences is the key to the success or failure of an installation.

In general, epoxy grouts are recommended for

  • Very high early strength applications resulting in lowest downtime
  • Providing chemical and oil- esistance and in some cases preventing corrosion
  • Vibration damping
  • Grouting reciprocating compressors
  • Applications requiring maximum bond to foundation and machine or baseplate, resulting in a monolithic structure
  • Anchor bolts, cables, or rod grouting requiting sustained high tensile loads
  • Injection of unfilled (liquids only) epoxy systems into cracks and deep penetrations for repairs to concrete
  • Withstanding high dynamic loading without failure
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Cement grouts are recommended for

  • General civil construction
  • Anchor bolts, cables, or rod grouting not requiting sustained high tensile loads
  • Applications of machinery or equipment with temperature cycling or sustained elevated temperatures over 200~f
  • Applications of machinery or equipment not producing high dynamic loading

Application that can use both epoxy and Portland cement grouts include

Any installation of noncritical rotating equipment or where long-term equipment reliability and operation is not a major concern

Structural elements requiring maximum bearing support

The performance characteristics of epoxy and cement grouts listed below are for the purpose of determining the use of the most suitable product for an intended use. One property or requirement of a grout is seldom the only determining factor, consider two or more properties before selecting a product. You should determine the grout requirements for each use by the importance of the installation and overall suitability.