Design of Reinforced Concrete Isolated pad foundation

Read the following instruction before proceeding for Design

1 The design as per IS 456:2000 (Plain and reinforced concrete – code of practice) – Limit state method of design
2 The design approach is on the conservative side and for a economical design the user should follow either manual calculation
or any other relavant software/tool
3 For bearing capacity of soil the user refer documents related to soil investigation of the site.
4 Warning message is displayed if the footing pressure exceeds soil bearing capacity or if it is less than zero
5 For Pipe rack foundations, it should be ensure that the minimum contact area of footing with soil should be 75%
6 This design sheet carries out Flexure design, One way shear check and Two way shear check
7 b= should be always the longer side of the column
8 d= should be always the shorter side of the column
9 Bf= should be always the the longer side of the footing
10 Df= should be always the shorter side of the footing
11 In flexure, the footing will be designed for maximum pressure
12 All the cells that have border are to be filled by the user.

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