Duties and responsibilities Quantity Surveyor and Quality Manager

Duties and responsibilities Quantity Surveyor and Quality Manager

Quantity Surveyor

A person who calculates the amount of materials needed for building work, and how much they will cost.
Normally the quantity surveyor is only visiting or covering several jobs and resident only on the larger, more complicated jobs. Typical tasks are:
• commercial oversight of site
• preparation of financial reports, budgets and forecasts
• supervision, training and development of some junior staff
• job review of subordinate staff
• application of health and safety requirements
• completion of paperwork as required by the CSIs/procedures
• co-ordination of enquiries for and assessment of subcontractors (in collaboration with designers, buyers and other disciplines as necessary)
• ensuring that all subcontract documentation adequately defines the specified requirements
• insurance cover (quotations and implications)
• measurement and presentation of monthly valuation for certificate
• formation of claims, variation orders and daywork
• fixing new rates for additional works
• measurement of work done and verification of compliance with specified requirements for subcontractor payment.

Quality Manager

Quality managers aim to ensure that the product or service an organisation provides is fit for purpose, is consistent and meets both external and internal requirements.
If appointed, the Quality Manager will usually cover several sites. His tasks include:
• providing technical advice on construction materials
• advising line management on quality management matters assisting agents or project managers with the preparation of their quality plans for individual projects
• verifying the implementation of quality systems in accordance with the CSIs/procedures by audit and surveillance, and informing appropriate management of any corrective actions required and monitoring their implementation
• conducting or arranging audits on vendors, suppliers and subcontractors in collaboration with purchasing managers
• educating all staff on their quality management responsibilities.

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