Earthwork Checklist in Building Construction

The first step of building construction is earthwork. Earthwork begins with the soil investigation even before preparing the plan of a building. Then earth filling or cutting is done to make the ground surface even. And then, the land is cleaned. Cleaning involves removing tree roots, existing sub-structure (if any) and any small plant or vegetation from the site. Finally, plot is secured by making fence all around it.

Construction earthwork starts after getting the structural drawings.

The purpose of this article isn’t describing the earthwork procedure of construction. I’ve just given the concept of earthwork procedure so that you don’t confused that this checklist is for which earthwork.

This checklist is for the earth work after construction begins. That means, this checklist is for the earth work which we do for the purpose of constructing building’s foundation. This checklist is very important as our complete building will stand on this earth.

Earthwork Checklist in Building Construction

The following check points should carefully be judged during earthwork of foundation –

Services connection: Before starting earthwork make sure there are no services line such as electrical connection, water supply and drainage connection, telephone line etc. below ground.

Benchmark: Mark your desired level in a permanent place. You’ll need this mark through the project duration.

Setting layout: Check the setting layout plan carefully so that your building doesn’t displace.
Sub-base level of footing: Check the sub-soil level from the bench mark so that you don’t have to cut extra soil.

Side-slope in excavation: During earth excavation check that slope is maintained in side-soil.

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Base soil: Check the base soil, on which building’s foundation will rest, is hard enough. You may consult geotechnical engineer that the base soil is perfect for further work execution.

Excavation area: Check the excavation area is extended beyond the foundation of building for easy moving during work execution.
Cleanign of foundation bed: Check that loose and displaced materials are cleaned from the foundation bed.

Backfill: Check backfill is being done after ending the shutter removal period of footing.
Backfilling material: Try to backfill with the excavated soil. And check the backfilling material is free from large lumps, organic or any other foreign materials. Check all shuttering materials are removed before backfilling.

Check backfilling process: Backfilling should be done evenly on all sides. Check that is being done properly.

Backfill compaction: Backfilling should be done layer by layer. Each layer shouldn’t exceed 6 inch thickness. And each layer should be compacted to maximum dry density of soil. Check those are being done properly.