Preferred Flooring Materials and its Types

Preferred Flooring Materials and its Types

Preferred Flooring Materials and its Types

Flooring is done only after the plastering of walls is over. In Multi storeyed buildings, flooring should start from top storey so that movement of persons on the newly cast flooring is minimized. Polishing of flooring (e.g. mosaic flooring) is done after painting of walls and ceiling. Flooring is to be done before painting of walls and ceiling. People should be discouraged to walk on the freshly laid floor as the marks would remain permanently. Flooring work should start after first marking with the help of string and water level. This will help in maintaining proper level and slope to the flooring.

Skirting is provided to protect the paint, bottom plastering of wall, to finish the joint between flooring and plastering.

Mosaic flooring is relatively more resistant to acids and aikalis. Hence, mosaic flooring is preferred in kitchen and toilets.

1. BASE- Lay Base Coat Of 100 Mm Thick In The Ratio Of Cement Concrete 1:8:16 ( 1 Part Of Cement, 8 Parts Of Fine Sand And16 Parts Of Brick Blast) Or 1:4:8 On Compacted Earth Under The Floor. The base is same for all types of floors.

2. FINSHING- Then finishing of the floor is carried on, for different flooring materials. As we will discuss here the finishing of terrazzo, brick, stone and cement concrete floor.









Preferred Flooring Materials

Flooring materials are selected based on the affordability, strength, their resistance to acids, alkalis, resistance to impact of load, abrasion, local availability,durability, the individual choice, elegance and appearance.

The commonly used materials are white mosaic, marble slabs or tiles, granite slabs or tiles, ceramic tiles, P V C flooring, kota stone, cement concrete flooring with neat cement finish, pre—cast concrete tiles, polished teak wood, cuddappah black stones, etc.

Ceramic floors have advantage over the mosaic flooring as it does not require any polishing and is light weight. it is stain free and has good thermal insulation compared to mosaic flooring.

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