Important Things to be Followed Driven Cast-In-Situ Piles

Important Things to be Followed Driven Cast-In-Situ Piles


  • Plan movement of rig with respect to group of piles, Based on Priority of the Structure.
  • Cross check the location of piles with reference points.(Survey)
  • Check the  pile  shoe  for  stiffener    Ensure  full  welding  is  done instead of tack weld.
  • Place the pile shoe in the survey locations by excavating 200mm soil and place sand bags above the pile shoe after checking the Point.
  • Apply Bitumen in the annular space between the casing and pile shoe to avoid water ingress.
  • Check for verticality of casing during driving and Monitor frequently & Record.
  • Maintain Height of Fall as per set Calculation .Record the No.of blows and record as per the Format.
  • Terminate the pile based on set criteria.
  • Check for water ingress inside the casing before concreting using water level indicator(make AIMIL)
  • Check for proper welding of rebar lap joints.
  • Maintain proper cover.
  • Lower the Reinforcement carefully and hold the reinforcement and monitor the same during Extraction.
  • Keep the concrete slump between 100mm to 150 mm.
  • Proper care  during  withdrawal  of   (The  energy  required  for withdrawal should be half of driving. This will ensure proper compaction of concrete inside.)
  • The concrete pressure > overburden pressure always during extraction of casing.
  • Check for Theoretical Vs Actual concrete consumption for each pile.
  • Check the Top of concrete after extraction from NGL
  • Maintain a gap of “6d” between construction of successive piles.(where “d“= diameter of pile )
  • Piling sequence is to be followed.
  • Pile Driving shall normally be from the center to periphery or from one side to other of a pile group.
  • Backfill the Empty bore (unconcreted portion above COL) of the pile with sand or with approved materials.

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