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Introduction About Pile Foundation

About Pile Foundation

Pile foundations are a part of construction used to hold and switch the load of the construction to the bearing floor positioned at some depth under the floor. The principal parts of the muse are the pile cap and the piles. Piles are lengthy and slender members which switch the load to deeper soil or rock of excessive bearing capability avoiding shallow soil of low bearing capability The principal varieties of supplies used for piles are Wooden, metal and concrete. Piles constructed from these supplies are pushed, drilled or jacked into the bottom and linked to pile caps. Relying upon the sort of soil, pile materials and cargo transmitting attribute piles are categorized accordingly. Within the following chapter, we find out about, classifications, capabilities and execs and cons of piles.


Pile foundations have been used as load-carrying and cargo-transferring techniques for a few years.

Within the early days of civilisation, from the communication, defence or strategic standpoint villages and cities had been located close to rivers and lakes. It was due to this fact vital to strengthen the bearing floor with some type of piling.

Timber piles had been pushed into the bottom by hand or holes had been dug and crammed with sand and stones.

In 1740 Christoffer Polhem invented pile driving gear which resembled the days pile driving mechanism. Metal piles have been used since 1800 and concrete piles since about 1900.

The commercial revolution caused vital modifications to the pile driving system by means of the invention of steam and diesel-pushed machines.

Extra just lately, the rising want for housing and building has compelled authorities and improvement businesses to use lands with poor soil traits. This has led to the event and improved piles and pile driving techniques. As we speak there are a lot of superior strategies for pile set-up.

About Pile Foundation

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