Labour Estimate for Various Items of Works





LABOUR ( 8 hours per day)

1.Concrete in Foundation.10 m3Head Mason 1/4, Mason 2, Labour 20
2.R.C.C. M – 15 grade.10 m3Head Mason 1/2, Mason 3, Labour 23
Note: For each additional storey, the strength should be increased by 6 nos. for volume of 10 cu.m to lift the materials.
3.Supplying, fitting, fixing and removing shuttering & staging.7 m2Carpenter 1, Labour 2
4.Reinforcement for R.C.C. work including cutting, bending and placing in position.100 kg.Bar binder (Black- smith/fitter) 1, Labour  1
5.Damp proof course.100 m2Head Mason 1/2, Mason 5, Labour 6
6.First class brickwork in 1:6 in super structure.10 m3Head Mason 1/2, Mason 9, Labour 18, Bhisti 2
7.Brick on edge flooring with cement Mortar (1:3).100 m2Head Mason 1/2, Mason 10, Labour 14, Bhisti 1
8.Ironite flooring (40mm thk).100 m2Head Mason 1, Mason 24, Labour 27, Labour for Scrubbing 3
9.C.G.I sheeting on roof10 m2Carpenter 1, Fitter (Blacksmith) 1/2, Labour 2
10.C.I. rain water pipe fixing.9 mMason 1/2, Labour 2.5
11.12mm thk cement plaster on brickwork in 1:6.100 m2Head Mason 1, Mason 10, Labour 14, Bhisti 1
12.Ruled pointing (1:3).100 m2Head mason 1/2, Mason 10, Labour 9, Bhisti 1
13.White washing primer coat and 2 finished coats to new plaster.100 m2Painter 1/2, Labour 2
14.Dry Distemper100 m2Painter 8.5, Labour 5.5
15.Plastic Emulsion paint on new work.100 m2Painter 5.5, Labour (Helper) 5.5
16.Primer coat on wood work/ steel work.100 m2Painter 2.5, Labour (Helper) 2.5
17.Panting two coats over priming coat for new wood work/steel work.100 m2Painter 5.5, Labour (Helper) 5.5
18.Demolishing cement concrete (1:2:4/1:3:6) including lead upto 50m.10 m3Labour 23
19.Demolishing R.C.C. work including lead upto 50m.10 m3Labour 33.5
20.Demolishing Brickwork in cement mortar including stacking of serviceable material and disposal of unserviceable materials within a lead of 50m.10 m3Labour 19.5
21.Removing mortar and cleaning bricks and stacking cleaned bricks.10 m3Mason 6, Labour 25
22.Dismantling doors & windows including framing, stacking of material.1 no.Mason 1, Labour 0.20
23.Supplying and fixing 12mn/15mm dia G.I. pipe with G.I. fittings and M.S. clamps including cutting holes in walls and making good the same100 r.m.Fitter 7, Labour (Beldar) 6
24.Supplying, fitting and laying 25mm G.I pipes with G.I. fittings including trenching and refilling of external work100 r.m.Fitter 1, Labour 8
25.Laying, fitting and fixing 100 mm dia G.I. pipes including testing of joint, trench cutting for pipe laying upto a depth of 90 cm. and refilling, dressing etc.20 r.m.Fitter 1.5, Labour 13
26.Supplying, laying, joining 100 dia stoneware pipes with cement mortar 1:1 (excluding earthwork etc.).15 r.m..Mason 1, Labour 2
27.Wash Basin with C.I. brackets, brass taps, brass plug with brass chain, waste pipe Including cutting walls and making good the same.1 no.Plumber 1, Mason 1/2, Labour 1
28.Sink.1 no.Plumber 1/2, Mason 1/2, Labour 1
29.9″ thick brick flat soling filled with local sand.10 m2Labour 1
30.Earth work for roads including cutting, loading, unloading, carrying & dressing.10 m2Labour 4
31.Stone soling for roads including packing with smaller stones manually.10 m3Labour 7
32.Stone soling for roads including packing with smaller stones With steam roller.20 m3Labour 7
33.Surface dressing/Bituminous carpeting on roads100 m2Labour (for one layer) 10, Labour (for two layers) 15