Manufactured M Sand and Advantages


Manufactured sand (M SAND) is used as a substitute to river sand. This kind of sand is produced from granite stone. The granite will be crushed and it will be made into cubicle shapes. There will be grounded edges as well. the size of the M-sand is less than 4.75mm.

The cost of construction can be decreased by going for manufactured sand. As there is great growth of construction industry, the demand for natural has increased.

Due to non-availability of natural sand from local area, the invention of manufactured sand took place.

With this invention, the transportation cost has decreased tremendously. The advantage with M-sand is that it is dust-free. You can exercise control on size of M-sand as per the grading of the construction. There are many advantages associated with M-sand.

The well graded sand can be used in required proportion as per your needs. no organic or soluble compound is present in M-sand. Hence, the setting will take place very quickly. it is possible to manage required strength very easily.

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Advantages of M Sand over Natural River Sand

Impurities such as clay, silt and dust are eliminated in a very efficient way. The bond between cement paste and aggregate will be very perfect. The durability of concrete is very much enhanced by using M-Sand. By using state-of-the-art technology, manufactured sand is produced from granite. You will obtain the property required by the sand so that high quality construction will take place. The sand is manufactured by following the technology which is similar to the mechanism underwent by natural sand.

How M Sand in Manufactured..?

By using modern machines, high quality sand will be produced. Fine crushing and separation technology is used to produce very high quality product. It is possible to produce sand as per local regulations. The consistency of the product can be maintained across various batches. There will be control on the mix and the strength that is attained with the aggregate.

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Fine and coarse particles are separated by air classification technology. Specifications are met and very high quality products are produced by exercising control on the production of manufactured sand.