Measurement of Plinth Area

Plinth Area

Plinth area shall mean the built-up covered measured at thefloor level of the basement or of any storey.Plinth area shall be the built upcovered areas measured for the categories and shall include such areas andexclude the areas. Also called buid-up area,plinth area is the entire areaoccupied by the area occupied by the internal and external walls of theapartment.Usually,it is 10% to 20% more than the carpet area.

Plinth Area = Carpet area+ Thickness of All walls + balcony

For the purpose of plinth area, following shall be included:

a) Area of the wall at the floor level excluding plinth offsets, if any; when the building consists of columns projecting beyond cladding, the plinth area shall be taken up to the external face of cladding ( in case of corrugated sheet cladding outer edge of corrugation shall be considered );

NOTE — In case. a common wall is owned jointly by two owners, only half the area of such walls shall be included in the plinth area of one owner.

b) Shafts for sanitary, water supply installations, garbage chute, telecommunication, electrical,fire fighting, air-conditioning and lifts;

c) Stair case;

In case of open verandah with parapets:

1) 100percent areas for the portion protected by the projections above, and

2) 50 percent area for the portion unprotected from above.

e) 100 percent area of the balcony protected by projection above and 50 percent area of the unprotected balcony; and

In case of alcove made by cantilevering a slab beyond external wall:

1) 25 percent of the area for the alcove of height up to 1 m,

See More  Specimen copy of Stability Certificate

2) 50 percent of the area for the alcove of height more than 1 m and upto 2 m, and

3) 100 percent of the area for the alcove of height more than 2 m.

The following shall not be included in the plinth area:

a) Area of loft;

b) Area of architectural band, cornice, etc;

c) Area of vertical sun breaker or box louverprojecting out and other architectural features,for  example slab projection for flower pot, etc;

d) Open platform;

e) Terrace;

f) Open spiral/service stair cases; and

g) Area of mumty, machine room, towers, turrets,domes projecting above terrace level.