Before Painting Works to be Checked out

Before Painting Works to be Checked out

Before the actual painting begins there are a few problem areas you should check.we strongly recommend that you rectify these problems with easy solution given in this section before proceeding further.


Here,you will find tips that help you get the most out of your exterior paint.Also know in details,the painting process and the products we recommend at every step.Follow these simple solution to make painting not just easy but fun.

Before Painting

The first step in painting your home is to prepare your wall.In the before painting section.we will take you through a list of problems that you should identify before painting.And Making this even easier is the Pre-Painting checklist.A simple tool that helps you jot down specific problems as you spot them.Now that problem areas are highlighted you will also fing inside simple do it yourself solution to easily fix them.

How to Make your walls ready for painting?

Step 1: Browse through the before painting section to know about various problems that can occur on exterior walls.

Step 2: Tear away the pre painting checklist from this section.

Step 3: Take a walk around your home.Use the checklist to look for sports,cracks and other problems.

Step 4: Tick off the specific problems in checklist.

Step 5: Follow the simple do it yourself solution detailed later to fix these problems.


Algae: Notice light green,dark green or black spots on your walls?well that’s algae.They are one of the simplest forms of plant life and in the right condition, can thrive on any surface.Given its easy existence algal growth if unchecked can rapidly spread all over the wall,destroying its beauty.

What causes it? Most parts of our country receive moderate to heavy rainfall during the year.This can leave your exterior walls damp for long.This coupled with micro organism from the dust that settles on walls,can lead to algal growth.When exposed to direct sunlight it turns into ugly black spots or streaks that destroy the beauty of your wall.Algal growth can also be caused by overhanging branches of trees and vegetation growing near the walls.

How does it affects paint? Besides spoiling the look of the wall,algal organism hold on to moisture and thereby keep the wall surface humid.They can also go through the paint film making it more permeable to water.This results in lack of adhesion and peeling of the paint itself.In the long run,this algal growth not just damages the exterior paint film but also the wall surface itself.