Pile Foundation

Pile Foundation

Pile is a slender member with small area of cross-section relative to its length. They can transfer load either by friction or by bearing. Pile foundation are used when:

  • The load is to be transferred to stronger or less compressible stratum, preferably rock.
  • The granular soils need to be compacted.
  • The horizontal and the inclined forces need to be carried from the bridge abutments and the retaining walls.

Classification of Pile Foundation

The pile foundation can be further classified into following types on various basis such as function, material, method of installation which are listed below:

Based on Function:

  • Bearing piles
  • Friction piles
  • Combined piles (Both bearing and friction)

Based on Material:

  • Timber piles
  • Concrete piles
  • Steel piles

Based on Method of Installation:

  • Large displacement piles
  • Small displacement piles
  • Non-displacement piles
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