Planning schedules and progress reporting

Planning schedules and progress reporting

Planning schedules and progress reporting

Planning is a key area and can have a significant effect on the outcome of a project.The handbook will set out the composition and duties of the planning support team and the appropriate techniques to be used (e.g. bar charts, networks). The Planning schedules will then follow the steps set out in Briefing.

  • Preparation of an outline project schedule, which will include coordination of design team contractors and client’s activities then seeking of the client’s acceptance.
  • Production of an outline construction schedule indicating likely project duration and the basis for determining the procurement schedule.
  • Production of an outline procurement schedule including the latest date for placement of orders (materials equipment contractors) and design release dates.
  • Modifications if necessary to the outline construction schedule due to constraints.
  • Production of the outline design schedule including necessary modifications due to external limitations.
  • Preparation of the project master schedule.
  • Preparation of a short-term schedule for the pre-construction stage; this will be reviewed monthly.
  • Production of a detailed design schedule in consultation with and incorporating design elements from the design team members concerned including:

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■ scheme design schedule

■ drawing control schedule

■ client decision schedule

■ agreement by client consultants and project manager

  • Reviewing the outline procurement schedule and its translation into one, which is detailed.
  • Preparation of a works package schedule.
  • Production of schedules for bills of quantities procurement including identification of construction phases for tender documentation and production of tender documentation control.
  • Expansion of the outline construction schedule into one, which is detailed.
  • Preparation of schedules for:

■ enabling works

■ fitting out (if part of the project)

■ completion and handover

■ occupation/migration (if part of the project)

Progress monitoring and reporting procedures should be on a monthly basis and agreed following consultation with consultants and contractors. Reports will need to be supplied to the project manager who will report to the client.

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