Prepare for Civil Engineering Placements

Here are some tips that might help you:


  1. Revise the things you did in the practicals according to the work speciality(highway,railway,soil,concrete etc) of the company concerned.
  2. Revise the IS codes ,specially IS 456 (RCC)and IS 800 (Steel).
  3. Byheart the important values and standards of different quantities and properties of materials and tests .
  4. Go through the full subject related to the company concerned from your college notes.
  5. Prepare one extra subject thoroughly if asked what’s your favourite in the personal interview.
  6. What you did in your training period (6 or 4 weeks) after 3rd year end break can also be asked.Check that.
  7. And finally the project you have done in your 7th sem and what you are doing in the 8th sem is very important .