• Study duties responsibilities, Tender specification, standards, codes of practice and work instruction.
  • Evolve effective acceptance/rejection procedures for constructionmaterials in coordination with the project purchase department.
  • Do proper sampling and testing of steel, cement, concrete, aggregates, water, etc., and verify test results in view of standards and work specificationsprior to their use in construction. Also control quality of electrodes to their use in welding.
  • Set procedures to control quality at the points of storage for raw materials, mixing and placing of concrete.
  • Follow the prescribed curing and deshuttering schedules.
  • Observe procedures to control quality of welded joints of structural steel members.
  • Evolve a system to check quality of workmanship in all construction activities.
  • Keep all revised Indian Standards and codes of practice available in QC laboratory and have them handy during discussion with client/consultant.
  • Maintain sequence of construction required under any activity.
  • Discuss QA/QC issues as a separate agenda during site review meetings with staff.
  • Observe regular schedule for maintenance, repairs and calibration of plants and equipments.
  • Keep spare parts/materials for laboratory equipments weigh batchers, batching plant, etc., always keep spare vibrators ready at site.
  • Carry work instruction cards in pocket while supervising/inspecting works.
  • Regularly maintain the formats prescribed under ISO 9002 Quality assurancesystem
  • Practice sound house keeping methods to achieve saving, safety and quality.
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