Roles & Responsibilities of Site Engineer in Formwork

Roles & Responsibilities of Site in Formwork

  1. Preparation of Formwork programme based on the overall construction programme
  2. Finalization and coordination of Shuttering Scheme
  3. Ensuring effective  and  proper  utilization  of  shuttering  and  staging materials
  4. Planning and allocation of materials / labour / Plant & machinery for formwork activities in coordination with concerned persons at site
  5. Educating sub-contractors on System formwork
  6. Making mock-up of various System formwork
  7. Periodical reconciliation of formwork materials
  8. Preparing S-6 A schedule (requirement / release) and sending the same to Cluster Office
  9. Preparing stock statement of formwork materials both in Units and in Nos., with  area  of  shuttering  done  category-wise,  Plywood  /  Timber procured during the quarter / till date and Productivity report.
  10. Maintain close  interaction  with  stores  and  site  people  for  proper accounting of materials
  11. Despatch and receipt notes to be sent to Cluster Office
  12. Making of purchase requisition for Plywood and Timber after thoroughly analyzing the number of repetitions
  13. Receipts of  plywood  /  formwork  materials  to  be  acknowledged  after quality checks to Cluster Office on monthly basis
  14. 100% materials reconciliation at the end of the job
  15. Looking after pre-despatch maintenance
  16. Ensuring that despatched materials are in usable condition.
  17. Sending monthly reports to Cluster office.
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