Selecting and Finalizing a Site

Selecting and Finalizing a Site

1. Accessibility / locations: This is the first of the basic qualifying criteria. The proximity to your area of operation, like work, client accessibility, vendor convenience in case of business premises; schools etc with support facilities like hospitals, shopping bazaar areas in case of residences; and many other criteria consisting of personal preferences help you to zero down on the most convenient location.

2. Soil condition: This can impact the construction cost in a major way. The softer the soil the deeper and stronger the foundation will have to be.
3. Type of Sites: Like the BDA, Housing societies, private land etc.

4. Size, dimension, shape, slope, facings: From the practical angle, these factors can affect the final design, construction and cost to a very large extent.

5. Basic vaastu: Though this would be a basic for a believer in Vastu; this should be important for an investor as well as it could affect resale ability or rent ability in the years to come.

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6. Legal issues : If the land is a land allotted by the statutory authorities like the BDA then things are simpler, as only the transfer formalities need to be looked into. If not it is advisable to avail of the services of a competent lawyer who can advise you on the pitfalls. Registered Sale deed, Khata and Encumbrance Certificates are some of the documents, which come up for scrutiny.