Setting Out of foundation for Single Room Building

Setting out of foundation

Setting Out of foundation for Single Room Building


To mark the centre line of a building for excavation of foundation.

Setting out of building foundation trenches is the process of laying down the excavation line and centerline on the ground based on the foundation plan. This process may be contrasted with the purpose of Surveying which is to determine by measurement the positions of existing features. Setting Out is the establishment of the marks and lines to define the position and level of the elements for the construction work so that works may proceed with reference to them.

Apparatus and Materials required

1. Measuring Tape

2. Tri Square

3. Bundle of String

4. Hammer

5. Pegs

6. Lime Powder


1. All the vegetations in the construction site are removed and levelled.

2. Study thoroughly the plan of building. For example, take the inner measurements as 4.80 × 3.30m

3. Prepare the centre line sketch.

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4. The wall thickness of the building is 0.20m, so the centre line distance of the room is 5.00 × 3.50m

5. Mark the centre line of front wall 1 & 2. Tie a string tightly in it.

6. Mark the centre line distance of the front wall in it and name it as ‘A’ and ‘B’.

7. Set out a perpendicular line from ‘B’. Extend the ends and name it as 3 and 4. Tie a string in it also.

8. Mark the point ‘C’ as per centre line sketch in it.

9. Continue the same procedure until it reaches point ‘A’.

10. Now, we can get a rectangle bounded by string.

11. The diagonals ‘AC’ and ‘BD’ should be checked for the correctness. (AC = BD).

12. Mark the half of the width of the foundation on either side of the centre line using lime powder.

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Thus a building is set out at site for excavation.

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