Some Innovative topics one can choose for a seminar or project

Some of the Innovative topics one can choose for a seminar or project are listed..

  1. A Major Civil Engineering related issue/new government reform or initiative/traffic studies in your city or state.
  2. Intelligent Transport System (ITS).
  3. Geosynthetics and their applications
  4. Trenchless Technology
  5. Repair, Retrofitting and Rehabilitation
  6. Green  Concrete
  7. Preservance of historical Structures
  8. Nano Technology Advancements
  9. Self Compacting Concrete
  10. Civil Engineering Machinary Advancements in past 50 years
  11. Earth 2050-A CE point of view
  12. Advancement in Concrete Technology
  13. Skybus and Mass Rapid Transit System
  14. Recycling of construction waste
  15. Fibre Reinforced Concrete
  16. Smart and energy efficient building
  17. Permeable concrete/Asphalt
  18. GIS and its applications
  19. Pre Stressed Concrete
  20. Construction strategies in Hilly areas
  21.  Shotcrete
  22. High Performance Concrete
  23. Earthquake resistant design
  24. Solid/Hazardous waste management & Disposal

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