Steps to follow reading the RCC Drawing

The success of the execution team and [ also the quantity survey team ] greatly rests on the accurate reading and interpretation of the RCC drawings.

Let me express my views on a very comprehensive issue since reading of the drawings is directly connected to the right interpretation of standards [ In Indian context , the IS:456 , National Building code and SP 34 to name the vital few ] .

Secondly , the reading of the drawings is also linked with the knowledge of various structural elements and their interaction and interrelation.

All said and done , a drawing is a representation of the actual RCC structure that is envisaged by the Architect /RCC consultants. It is a two dimensional image of the 3 D reality [ which is to be brought into existence ]

Having said this ,let us understand some primary steps :


First go through the Title block. Ensure that whether you are reading the right drawing of the correct revision of the same site you have in mind.

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Read each of the notes carefully. It is as if the RCC consultant is speaking with you through these notes. Especially the issues like covers ,laps, development length , hook lengths etc which cannot be shown in the main contents must be remembered by heart .

Kindly allow me to revisit this answer later. There are many more issues which can be mentioned here .For fear of a lengthy answer , let me make a halt here.

Most important thing is PRACTICE , PRACTICE & PRACTICE.