Sustainable Building Materials for Construction Industry

Sustainable Building Materials for Construction Industry

Sustainable Building Materials for Construction Industry

Bagasse is a by product that remains after the extraction of sugarcane juice.The excess bagasses to produce from sugar mills to left out from boilers to produce energy and sugar processing. But,bagasse is now being used to supplant wood in particle boards that are light in weight and economical. Manufacturers later transform the particle board into a laminated board by using resins as a bonding agent and wax as a dimensional stabilizer. Builders can used the material for various purpose in laminated floor and furniture works.

Triple-glazed windows a three layers of glass stop heat as manufacturers inject argon between each layer to provide insulation. The glass also has fully insulated windowframes which uphold the inside temperature. With soaring temperatures and humidity, maintaining a regular room temperature is a big task. To avoid the extra heat and retain normal temperature, builders are increasingly making use of triple-glazed windows.

Solar Roof tiles adds to an improved urban environment by reducing heat build-up, and improves air quality.It becomes a must for construction industry to switch to sustainable building material. With the advent of these new materials, a new concept of smart housing is quickly becoming popular among populace and builders.

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