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A Tbeam (or tee beam), used in construction, is a load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete, wood or metal, with a t-shaped cross section. The top of the t-shaped cross section serves as a flange or compression member in resisting compressive stresses.

Tee Section, also known as T beam or T bar, is a structural beam with a “T” shaped cross section. Tee section is generally made of plain carbon steel.A beam composed of a stem and a flange in the form of a T; usually of reinforced concrete or rolled metal.

T beam Advantage

  • For spans larger than 4 m it offers greater and significantly more resistance compared to rectangular beam. Simply T beam will reduce rebar requirement.
  • We can save 9 to 20 percent reinforcement as compared to rectangular beam.
  • Required depth of beam will also reduce, as flange or web will contribute against sagging moment.

T beam Disadvantage

  • Calculations will become headache for structure engineer, drafting for draftsmen, and bar bending for foremen.
  • T beam may require links on top flange, which a foremen would never like.
  • Savings for lesser steel is countered by extra bar bending work.

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