Design Spreadsheets

Single and Continuous-Span Beam Analysis worksheet

Single and Continuous-Span Beam Analysis Program Description: “BEAMANAL” is a spreadsheet program written in MS-Excel for the purpose of analysis of either single-span or continuous-span beams subjected to virtually any type of loading configuration. Four


Manual Beam Design

BEAM  DESIGN 1.DATA L=3000mm Dead  load=6KN/m Live Load=8KN/m Finished load=0.75KN/m Wall Support=230Mm Concrete grade=M20, Steel grade=fe415 2.EFFECTIVE SPAN OF BEAM: Effective Span =c/c of support = 3230 mm 3.SIZE OF BEAM: Effective depth=Span/12 =269.16mm ,


Doubly Reinforced Beam

To understand the term doubly reinforced section, one should have knowledge about design of beams and moment of resistance. The main consideration of beam is moment of resistance. We design the beams such that it

Design Spreadsheets

T beam Design Excel Sheet

A T–beam (or tee beam), used in construction, is a load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete, wood or metal, with a t-shaped cross section. The top of the t-shaped cross section serves as a flange or