Concrete Technology

Quantities of Materials Required for Plastering, Brickwork,Concreting

Quantities of Materials Required for Plastering, Brickwork,Concreting Consumptions for Plastering, Brickworks, Concreting Consumption of different materials of construction in the corresponding contract items of works shall  be computed on the basis of the quantities shown

Gendral Civil Engineering

Type of Bricks

It is essential to know the type of bricks Bricks for properly understanding the masonry work. Brick can be many types depending on its quality, making process, its raw material and purpose of their using.

Gendral Civil Engineering

Ways to Check the Quality of Bricks

To know the quality of bricks following 7 tests can be performed. In these tests some are performed in laboratory and the rest are on field. Compressive strength test Water Absorption test Efflorescense test Hardness

Design Spreadsheets

Check List for Block / Brick work

Brick wall is made by joining bricks with cement mortar. We make brick wall to arrange floor area for different purposes of uses. It also provides privacy to dwellers. Properly made brick wall increase the