Field Tests

Field Tests for Bricks

Field Tests for Bricks : Field Tests for Bricks  generally  subjected  to  suitability of the construction work. Absorption Crushing strength or compression strength Hardness Presence soluble salts Shape and size Soundness Structure 1)  Absorption: A good

Field Testing

Field Density Test

Field Density Test The sand cone method is used for field density test in our highway construction. In the field, the dry density test is carried out for check the compaction of layers. Compaction is

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Field Test of Cement

Sometimes it is required to perform tests for evaluating the condition of the supplied cement in site within a very short period of time. As it is not possible to have any laboratory test in

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HOW TO CHECK QUALITY OF SAND IN FIELD (Field Test on Sand) 1.Take a glass of water and add some quantity of sand in it. Then shake it vigorously and allow it to settle. If

Field Testing

Field Tests To Check If A Brick Is Good

Field test of brick, cement, sand and stone chips are very much essential as they are the most common construction materials which are used in almost all of the civil engineering construction from brickwork to