Stages of Post Tensioning

Stages of Post Tensioning In post-tensioning systems, the ducts for the tendons (or strands) are placed along with the reinforcement before the casting of concrete.The tendons are placed in the ducts after the casting of

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Post-Tensioning Construction

Post-Tensioning Construction Basics Even congested tendons can be routed around obstructions. Digital Concrete Scanning Services Construction of post-tensioned slabs on grade is very similar to using reinforcing steel, except for the tensioning step. Cables are

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Post Tensioning Tendon

Post Tensioning Tendon A post tensioning “tendon” is defined as a complete assembly consisting of the anchorages, the prestressing strand or bar, the sheathing or duct and any grout or corrosion-inhibiting coating (grease) surrounding the

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Applications of Post-Tensioning

Applications of Post-Tensioning There are post-tensioning applications in almost all facets of construction. In building construction, post-tensioning allows longer clear spans, thinner slabs, fewer beams and more slender, dramatic elements. Thinner slabs mean less concrete