Types of Paints Used in Building Construction

Types of Paints Used in Building Construction

There are many purposes for using paint in building construction. These includes increase the visual appeal of building surface, protect surface against weathering impact, make the surface water proof, protect surface from termite attack and increase the surface durability. In building, you will find four types of places to paint on. Such as –

1. Interior wall and ceiling
2. Exterior wall surface
3. Wooden surface and
4. Metal


1. Interior wall and ceiling

To increase the visual appeal and smoothness of wall surface and ceiling interior paint is done. Following types of paints can be used as interior paint –

Distemper: Distemper is common type paint used in interior wall and ceiling for protecting and decorating brick wall, concrete and plastered surface. Variety of distemper are available in the market. Such as acrylic distemper, synthetic distemper, dry distemper etc. Acrylic distemper is washable and can be applied on plaster, wall and asbestos. Synthetic and dry distemper are not washable.

Plastic paint: It is also called plastic emulsion paint or interior emulsion paint. It is water base paint. This paint is durable and can be washed. They are available in three categories – 

Regular emulsion
Economy emulsion and
Premium emulsion

2. Exterior

Exterior paint must have weather resisting capability. It can be oil based or water based. But oil based paint is not generally recommended for exterior painting. Following types of exterior paint are available in market –

Cement paint– It is water based paint. It gives nice finish to newly constructed building. 

Acrylic emulsion– It has high capability to withstand against weathering impact. It gives surface a nice and durable finish. 

Textured plaster– It is also emulsion based paint. But the surface protection capability of textured plaster is much better than other emulsion paint. 


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3. Wood

Traditional paint for wood is varnish. But now a days many people choose modern version of varnish “polyurethane and melamine” for wood finishes. It allows wood grains to see through it unlike varnish.

4. Metal

Enamel paint is commonly used for metal. This is oil based paint.
Following types of enamel paints is used on metal surface in building construction – 

a) General purpose enamel paint
b) Synthetic enamel paint
c) Premium enamel paint

a) General purpose enamel paint – This type of enamel paint’s protecting capability is lower than other two. But using two coat of this paint can give long protection to metal surface.

b) Synthetic enamel paint – This type of paint gives metal surface a good finish with atmospheric protection. Synthetic enamel paint can also be used on wooden surface.
c) Premium enamel paint – It has excellent protective capability against atmospheric attack on metal. It also gives glossy effect with nice surface finish.

There are also some other places in building construction where special painting is needed. Such as water proofing paint, anti-termite paint etc.