Types of the Building Based on Occupancy


Any structure constructed of what so ever material and used for residential, business education or other purposes is called building.

Types of the building :-

  1. Based on occupancy
  2. Based on type of construction


Residential buildings: – The building in which sleeping accommodation is provided for normal residential purposes are called residential buildings.

Educational / institutional buildings: – The building used for school, college or day care purposes are called education / institutional building.

Assembly Buildings : – The buildings which are constructed for the purposes to gathering of the people for their respective purposes i.e. social, religious, civil, political is called assembly buildings.

Business Buildings: – The buildings used for transaction of business, for the keeping of accounts and records and other similar purposes called business buildings. Mercantile Buildings: – The buildings used for display of merchandise, either wholesale or retail are called Mercantile Buildings.

Industrial buildings: – The buildings in which products or materials of all kinds and properties are fabricated, assembled or processed are called industrial buildings. Storage buildings: – The buildings used primary for the storage, handling or shattering of goods and wares or merchandise, vehicles and animals are called storage buildings. Hazardous buildings: -The buildings used for storage, handling manufacturing or processing of highly combustible or explosive material are called Hazardous buildings.

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