Various stages in the Construction of a Building

Various stages in the Construction of a Building

In this seriesĀ  we are looking at the various stages in the construction of a building.
So far we have co

vered from land acquisition up to mobilization and from mass excavation up to columns of the first floor.

This article brings you the intricacies and steps in casting the roof slab.

For the purpose of clarity, the tasks have been grouped under:

A. Pre-concreting care:
B. During concreting care:
C. Post -concreting care:

All the Activities ,however, have been sequenced in a continuous serial nos from 1 to 47.

The activities sequence:

A.Pre-concreting care:

1.Columns up to beam bottom
2.Curing of columns
3.marking of beam bottom on columns
4.fixing of runner blocks on columns

Beam bottoms & sides:
5.Fixing of beam bottom
6.Supports below beam bottom
7.Inside face of beam: side fixing

Slab centering:
8.Slab centering in plates
9.Gaps fixing with planks & closing of gaps qith iron strips or masking tape.
10.Fixing of Accrow spans
11.Levelling of centering plates
12.Keeping camber in the slab

Reinforcement laying:
13.laying of beam reinf.
14.Laying of slab reinf.
15.placing chairs below bent up bars

Electrical conduits/ fixtures:
16.Laying electrical conduits/ fan hooks/ down pipes from beams

Sunk portion:
17.Keeping pipe sleeve in the sunk portion for drainage pipe

18.Placing cover blocks for beams & slabs
19. Fixing clamps for beams
20.Fixing tie bars in sleeves for deep beams

Joint inspection:
21.Steel measurement and checking
( jointly with clients engineer)
22.Laps counting
23.Extra bars counting

Arrangement for casting:
24.Installing the concrete pump
25.Fixing the pipes for concrete
26.scheduling the transit mixer ( TM)
27.Final checking by consultant
28.pour card approval

B. Care during concreting :

29.Placing concrete
30.Compaction by needle vibrator
32.slab thickness verification
34.Removing excess debris from slab

C.Post concreting care:

35.casting of specimen cubes
36.providing mortar bunds for curing
37.ponding with water
38.striking off beam sides
39. striking off slab centering
40. striking off beam bottom
41.Hacking the concrete surface
42.Sunk portions cleaning
44.ponding with water
45.Testing of cubes on 7th & 28th days
46.Reconciliation of materials