Whatsapp Status for Civil Engineer’s

Whatsapp status for Civil Engineer’s

Here we are presenting you a cool status related to civil engineering. Put a proper emoticon with given below status and it will look great. enjoy !!

~ Proud to be a Civil Enginer

~ Life is always under construction

~ Eat, sleep, Civil engineering

~ Civil engineers: we make we rule

~ We aren’t just perfect, we’re civil engineers too :p

~ Science is just a philosophy without engineers

~ truss me, I’m a civil engineer

~ Civil engineers have a disease called “Awesomeness”

~ Rising up like a skyscraper

~ Life’s great when you are a civil engineer.

 ~ Scientists dream of doing great things.Engineers do them.

~ tough as concrete, Flexible as steel.

~ If God didn’t build it, a civil engineer did it

~ Build your dreams with us

~ Civil engineers : we make home happens

~ Engineering, where nights before exam is equal to one semester :p

~ Trust me, I’m an engineer :p

~ Relationship status: In engineering :p

~ because I’m a civil engineers, that’s why !! :p

~ I can’t keep calm, because I’m studying civil engineering.

~ Where there is civil engineering, there is a way

~ Civil engineering: Profession of Intelligent People

~ Everyday is an adventure -when- you are a civil engineer

~ The Best Creator next to god is a Civil engineer

~ Engineering Fact: ‘Nights’ are more productive than ‘days’

~ It’s easy to find someone to chill with but its harder to find someone to build with

~ Engineering: If you are not tired, you are not doing it right.

~ I’m an engineer. to save time let’s just assume that I’m never wrong.

~ I don’t love studying, I hate studying. I like learning, learning is beautiful.

~ Not sure, If I should go out and enjoy life, or stay home and study.

~ Keep calm, and call a civil engineer

~ God made civil engineers, so architects can have heroes too !

~ I think, I Question, I design, I create, I struggle, I try, I solve, I invent, I reflect, I learn.

~ Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating !

~ 3 forces that runs the world: Peace, love, civil engineering

~ Superhero ? no, civil engineer

~ In Science, we trust.