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Civil Engineering Journals

Civil Engineering Journals

A simulation-based optimization framework for urban traffic control

Advanced gis applications for civil infrastructure systems

An information model for building automation systems

Application of nano-silica (ns) in concrete mixtures

Applications of high performance lightweight concrete in a floating barge gate

Ceramic waste  effective replacement of cement for  establishing sustainable concrete

Changing world – major challenges the need for underground space planning

Cockle shell a potential partial coarse  aggregate replacement in concretes

Combination-of-ground-improvement-techniques for support of shallow foundation in karst

Development of self compacting lightweight concrete

Effect of blast furnace slag powder on compressive strength of concrete

Effect of class-f fly ash as partial replacement with cement and fine aggregate in mortar

Effect of curing conditions on strength of  fly ash-based self-compacting geopolymer  concrete

Effect of fine aggregate replacement with class f fly ash on the mechanical properties of concrete

Effect of micro silica on the strength of concrete with ordinary portland cement

Effect of replacement of natural sand by manufactured sand on the properties of cement motor

Effect of types of curing on strength of geopolymer concrete

Engineering properties of mae moh fly ash  geopolymer concrete

Experimental study of partial replacement of fine aggregate with waste material from china clay industries

Experimental study on the replacement of sand filters by  granular activated carbon filters at la presa (valencia) water  works

Feasibility study of fly ash as a replacement for fine aggregate in concrete and its behaviour under sustained elevated temperature

Flexural behavior of reinforced self compacting concrete containing ggbfs

Framework for sustainable building design

Geopolymer concrete  a review

Geopolymer concrete with fly ash

High early strength concrete containing large quantities of fly ash

Incremental launching method in prestressed concrete bridge construction

Investigations on stone dust and ceramic scrap as aggregate replacement in concrete

The future of construction:acritical review of construction future studies

Mix design and compressive stregth of geopolymer concrete containing blended ash from agro industrial wastes

Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for civil engineering

New triplet visions on sustainable building

Optimization of ground improvement techniques in tunnelling

Optimum mix for the geopolymer concrete

Partial replacement of sand with quarry dust in concrete

Performance of lightweight foamed concrete using laterite as sand replacement

Piezoresistive cement based materials for strain sensing

Properties of concrete by replacement of natural sand with artificial sand

Properties of concrete contain ultra fine ash

Properties of concrete with coconut shells as aggregate

Properties of concretes produced with waste ceramic tile aggregate

Properties of fiber reinforced polymer concrete

Properties of high-volume fly ash concrete incorporating nano-sio 2

Railroad structures

Replacement materials for lead weights used in measuring ground water levels

Replacement of natural sand in concrete by  waste products  a state of art

Risk vs conflict of interest  what every owner should consider when using construction management

Stone crusher dust as a fine aggregate in concrete for paving blocks

Strength and water penetrability of fly ash  geopolymer concrete

Strength and workability of low lime fly ash based geopolymer concrete

Strength appraisal of artificial sand as fine  aggregate in sfrc

Strength of concrete containing different types of fine aggregate

Substitution of quarry dust to sand for mortar in brick masonry works

Sustainable urban transportation planning and development  issues and challenges for singapore

The improvement of 28-day compressive strength of self compacting concrete made by  different percentages of recycled concrete aggregates using nano-silica

The effects of cement variation on concrete workability

Use of ceramic wastes in structurals concretes

Use of furnace slag and welding slag as replacement for sand in concrete

Use of post consumer corrugated fiberboard as fine aggregate replacement in controlled low strength materials

Using ceramic materials in ecoefficient concrete and precast concrete products

Utilization of demolished waste as fine aggregate in concrete

Utilization of used foundry sand in concrete



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