Type of material reduce the cost of cement concrete slab

Material reduce the cost of cement concrete slab

What is Bubble Deck ?


It is a revolutionary flooring system, which has proved to be highly successful throughout Europe since its development began ten years ago. BubbleDeck comprises a hollow, flat slab that spans in two directions, in which plastic balls are incorporated to replace, and therefore eliminate the concrete in the middle of a conventional slab which does not contribute to its structural performance.



It allows freedom of design with non-rectilinear plan forms

As no beam support is required, it allows longer spans between supports

It enables reduced foundation sizes since the structural dead-weight is reduced by 50%

Downstand beams are also unnecessary or can be incorporated in slab depth where required

Cross-bracing and intermediate supports are eliminated

Concrete usage is significantly reduced; 1kg of recycled plastic replaces 100kg of concrete. It is, therefore, environmentally friendly.

It uses fewer building elements compared to steel frame and metal decking systems and so reduces erection time

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Since the blockwork is non load-bearing it is taken off the critical path

Soffits can be left exposed, facilitating low/passive energy design methods

Conduits and cooled slab systems can be incorporated into the slabs in the factory

The overall result is a significant cost saving of between 2.5% to 10% of total construction costs.

Procedure (Proposed Methodology)


This method is widely used for construction of slabs, it hasn’t been used for road construction considering the heavy vehicle impacts on the road. Since the slum area where we are required to construct a road doesn’t have a very long span and it will not be facing heavy vehicular load, we can consider this technology for our project. If drainage pipes are provided at a considerable depth along with this technology, we can easily avoid water logging problems.

Excavation and levelling of the proposed land.

Placing of the drainage pipes with various inlets facing top side of the road.

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Laying of lower reinforcement of bubble deck.

Installation of basic modules.

Laying of upper reinforcement of bubble deck.

Adjusting of inlets with the reinforcement.

Providing proper slopes and elevation on both the sides of the road so that water can easily move through the inlet during rainfall.

Concreting of the whole system.