After completing B.E. in Civil Engineering

After completion of the course, a civil engineering graduate can do any of these (in India) :


  • Work for a construction company/real estate firm to get much needed exposure of the industry.
  • Take up some software and other short term courses and grow their knowledge.
  • Write competitive exams, especially in an attempt to bag a government job.
  • Take up the job of a professor in an engineering college.
  • Pursue masters in any of their favorite field.
  • Write exams for all kinds of government jobs they come across, even sit for banking jobs.
  • Prepare for GATE exam and go either for masters or job at any of the PSUs according to their ranking.
  • Write GRE or CAT.
  • Take some training and start their own construction consultancy firms.
  • Open a coaching centre and earn good enough for themselves (one of my friends has done this and is earning almost 50k per month).
  • Go for any start-up and become entrepreneurs.
  • Spend time and write answers on Quora, give interviews and try everything else so as to get settled in life.
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