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Benefits of Hiring Building Information Modeling Services

Benefits of Hiring Building Information Modeling Services

Even though the evolution of CAD design and drafting has benefitted the AEC industry a lot, Building Information Modeling Services make it more client-friendly, errorless, and accurate. Architectural BIM Services and Structural BIM Services help architects, engineers, and other professionals achieve better workflow. Let’s dig deep into these services to understand how professionals are using this new age technology :

  1. Covers entire lifetime of a project :

While all the other services can be hired only till the project delivery, Building Information Modeling or BIM is used for the entire lifespan of the project. After project delivery, BIM services can be used for operation and maintenance of the building. The stakeholders and owners can access the available information for better decision making.

  1. Using higher dimensional models:

BIM services increase the scope of 3D CAD models with added dimensions as follows:

BIM offers 4D models for keeping a check on the schedule of   the project.It offers 5D models for completing the project with cost efficiency. Also, it gives 6D models to answer questions like how, when,what and where.This means the owner is able to get an exact idea of the product or service at the end of the project through these models.

  1. Efficient facilities management:

With BIM models, attributes can be easily attached to the components. This allows for effective facilities management. Managing and ordering equipment becomes simpler.

  1. Shared information:

BIM makes construction process effective as it allows sharing updated information that is also error-free. The stakeholders and owners thus remain updated with this shared information. A comprehensive model is linked to the central database which allows owners to access the right information at right time. They can thus take right decisions regarding their project.

  1. Effective communication:

Architectural BIM Services encourages an effective communication between the designers and clients. This is aided by the visual models provided by BIM technology. It allows for hassle-free and transparent communication. The clients can get an early insight into the project with walkthroughs and virtual models. It is also easy to communicate building’s performance and behavioral patterns to the clients.

  1. Realistic modeling:

The drawings prepared using BIM are accurate as mentioned earlier. It also generates lifelike views to get an exact idea of the final product. Thus, clients get what they see and demand. All the requirements can be communicated during the early phase of designing and a real image of it can be viewed through BIM.


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