Construction Formwork

Construction Formwork

»»Keep centering supports (ballies/props) truly vertical and brace them in both directions.

»»Ensure that the supports have a firm base.Ensure that the spacing of supports does not exceed 1m, centre to centre.

»»Seal the joints of the centering plates with mastic tape.

»»Gently coat the surface of the formwork with grease or shutter oil.

»»Remove dust particles like sawdust, chippings and paper pieces from the formwork before placing concrete.

»»Follow this order while removing the formwork – Remove the shuttering of vertical faces of walls, beams and column sides first, followed by the bottom of slabs and then the bottom of beams.

»»Keep the shuttering for a minimum of 24 hours for vertical faces of column, walls and beams.

»»For slabs up to a 4.5m span, keep the supports for 7 days; for those over 4.5m, keep the supports for 14 days.