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Guide Lines for Electrical Works in a Building

Guide Lines for Electrical Works in a Building

The following guidelines for electrical works to be carfully followed.

The detailed electrical layout should be prepared and got approved before execution.

Wall cutting for concealing the electrical conduit pipes should be done perpendicularly and conduit pipes should be ties with nail and binding wire before plastering.

The gaps in wall after cutting and placing of conduit pipes should be filled with mortar mixed with chips.Care should be taked to cure the filled up portions.

The PVC conduit pipes used for electrical wiring should be of heavy duty with ISI mark.

The metal switch boxes to be used should be of 16 gauge thickness.There should not be any hole at the rear side of the switch box,to avoid looping in wiring.

Care should be taken while fixing the switch box that all the inner sides are properly packed with mortar without any gap inside.Before fixing metal boxes ensure that all the boxes are painted with primer coat.

The bottom of the switch boxes should be fixed at 1.35 m above the floor level.For convenient plugs / TV plugs,AC points the of the box should be taken that switch boxes are fixed in correct position.

Electrical Works

 While laying roof concrete , broken PVC conduit pipes should be replaced then and there and the presence of the electricians during concreting is compulsory to attend the above works.

Care should be taken while positioning of fan hooks / boxes, cradle hooks.The fan hooks should be fixed at the centre of room deducting the loft area if any, with a clean sweep of 1,20 m and fore cradle hook it should be fixed minimum 90 cm aways from the walls.

Periodical check should be made to ensure that the approved cables has been used for entire length of each point,to avoid looping with sub standard cables.

Three pin celing rose should be used to ensure that all the points should have 3 wires for phase, neutral and earth.

Looping of cables should be strictly avoided and the run off wire for each box should be taken from the nearest junction box.For 15 amps power plug / AC plug, run off should be taken separately from the main board / ELCB.

Before closing the switch box wth hylem sheet all the dead mortar should be thoroughly cleaned and if required one more primer coat should be applied.

Almost care should be taken for constructing earthing station as per the standards.

U.G. cables should be laid at a minimum depth of 75 cm from ground level with required sand filling and brick bats.Joints in U.G. cable at any point should not be allowed.

After completion, all the ELCB should be individually tested for correct functioning.

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