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Innovative Technology for Rapid Construction Works

Innovative Technology for Rapid Construction Works. The shape and pattern of the structures are dynamic from country to country.  The shape and pattern of the structures are dynamic from country to country.  Especially in countries like India, the style of architecture is different from that of other countries of the world.  In particular,  it is a well-known fact that there are a lot of differences between the architectural styles of  Asian countries and those practised in western countries. 

G.C.T Concrete

 Due to technological advancements in the construction sector,  various innovative technologies are being adopted at present.  It is noteworthy that due to such developments the construction work is completed expeditiously.   Here’s a  look at the information about the ‘concrete structure’  that is specially manufactured in that order.  That method is g. C. T is presented as ‘Gulf Concrete Technology’.

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No heavy load

 The technology has been developed by a  construction company based in Puerto Rico,  USA.   This technology is tailored to set up the rapid construction required for the emergency world.  When such technology is used, there is no excessive workload.  The reason is that in this method the building structures will be prepared separately in advance through the ‘Pre-Fabricated  Method’.  They will be taken to the construction site and will be fully constructed after a few works.    It is worth noting that the impact of excess weight, called ‘dead load’, will be greatly reduced in this construction technique.

The ‘Galvanized Iron’ nets,  called ‘I’, are set one on top of the other and a ‘polystyrene sheet’ is placed in the area between them.  For its further stability,  strong iron rods from the outside will be injected into that ‘polystyrene’ system.  Along with those iron rods, the outer wire will be  ‘welded’ and connected to the nets.  That is,  ‘polystyrene’  is placed in the middle of two strong board-like wire mesh and is shaped as a wall according to the required size.  

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Concrete Sprayer

 After the completion of those works, we can fit them in the right sizes at the place where the construction is to take place and design the structure.  After that, the appropriately strong concrete mixture is  ‘sprayed’ with a ‘concrete sprayer’  on both sides and converted into a wall.    Due to this technology roof systems, including walls, are quickly developed.   The buildings so created are known to be resistant to  natural calamities such as excessive heat and severe cyclonic winds.   Studies have also found that they are the least vulnerable to an earthquake of magnitude 8  and prevent external noise from penetrating into the building structure.

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